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About Us
We are the only one company in the world, which not only mine shungite from the quarry but also actively engaged in innovative developments based on it.
We create ecofriendly products, that save environment and absolutely harmless to people, using «green» tecnologies.
We get products that have no analogues in the world combining innovative and patented developments with unique natural properties of the stone.
All our products are made of natural Karelian shungite, so every one of them is unique and has a special structure.
The stone doesn’t need a special care and it will serve you for many years. Shungite usually has natural cracks, inclusions, surface and color irregularities, which confirm its natural origin.
The color of the items on the picture may be different of the real objects. Products of shungite from «SHUGGE» company is your key to comfortable, clean and cozy home and the health of body and spirit.